Prayer for our link with St. Crispin's, Bungoma

God of all generations,

we praise and thank you for the life and work

of all your people in Bungoma;

for priests, evangelists, lay men and women,

and their desire to live daily by your word.


We pray for all who lead worship at St. Crispin's,

for their vision for the parish

and for the support that they provide

to church members and the local community.


May God bless them,

as they continue to reach out

and bring people to know you.


We pray that they will continue to grow

in membership and faith,

and that our link with them

may grow in Christian love and fellowship,

and that we will be able to learn

from one another.



St. Benedict's Church has a link with the Parish of St. Crispin's in Bungoma Town, in Kenya.