Bible Reading


Reading the Bible is a great way to deepen our understanding of and our relationship with God.  It helps us grow our knowledge of the Christian faith and its early history.  It can also help us pray, as there are some great prayers and poems within the Bible.



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Which Bible should I use?



There is a wide choice of Bibles available in English and other languages.  You should choose a translation that suits you best.  If you are relatively new to the Bible, perhaps try the Good News Bible or the New International Version.  For a slightly more traditional translation, you could try the New Revised Standard Version, which is the one we use in church at St. Benedict's.  Alternatively, The Message is a translation of the Bible into contemporary North American English.  It aims to translate accurately both the ideas and the feel of the original texts, and can be helpful both to Bible newcomers and to those looking for fresh insight.




Our Useful Links page provides links to a selection of websites that offer a wide range of Bible translations, commentaries and guides. 




How should I read?


Pray that God will speak to you through the Scriptures.  Enjoy the story - use your imagination as well as your mind.  For example, imagine that you are one of the characters in the story and think about what you would be feeling... seeing... experiencing... as the story unfolds.  Aim to get a feel for the story and how it relates to your life.  You may have questions.  Jot them down as you go and afterwards think about what the answers to them might be.


What should I read?


There are many Bible Reading guides, aids and companions available today.


If you are unsure where to start, how about beginning with one of the following Bible Reading aids that we have produced.


Inspirational Bible Readings

100 Bible Chapters in a Year - Option 1

100 Bible Chapters in a Year - Option 2

Reading St. John's Gospel in a Year

Reading St. Luke's Gospel in a Year


If you are interested in exploring the Bible in the company of others, we also have a monthly Feeding & Fellowship meeting, a twice-monthly Home Group and a weekly Bible Study group.  Details can be found in our weekly newssheet and in the St. Benedict's Diary.


If you have any questions on reading the Bible, you can contact one of the Ministry Team.  They will be happy to help you.