Remembrance Sunday 2018


We  kept Remembrance Sunday on the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice, with a two minute silence at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. 


Our uniformed organisations contributed to our service in lots of ways, including taking part in the sermon, which you can hear here 



Sermon title:

Remembrance 18

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Mediafile: /media/Remembrance_Sunday_2018.mp3 (21.24 MB)


They also made 100 poppies which stood outside the church and reminded all passers by of the importance of this day for everyone 

















Our flower arrangers also provided some beautiful decoration (see side panel) 


Our ringers joined in the national ringing remembrance for the armistice anniversary, half muffled before the service - listen here to the loud and then the muffled strokes 


Remembrance Bells


and after the service, they rang in celebration of the peace, including a complicated ring where the bells ring forwards in order and then back in the other direction.  Listen here.  (it says it's a sermon but it's not) 


Sermon title:

Bells Remembrance 18

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Mediafile: /media/Bells_SeeSaw.mp3 (3.13 MB)





Thanks to everyone who made our remembrance meaningful.