Stations of the Resurrection

Easter is the most joyous time in the Christian year, but sometimes we have more services and events in Lent! 

This year St Benedict's have a special activity for Easter; not stations of the cross, but Stations of the Resurrection.  This version is specially written for St Benedict's and is deliberately outside- most resurrection appearances were outside.  


This is intended to be available to anyone, at any time during Easter (until 9th May) to walk the route and follow readings, prayers, and songs (It's Easter after all!  We want to sing with joy!). 

It can be done as an individual, and we also encourage families, and groups to walk the route.  You don't need to tell anyone you are going to, and you don't need to bring anything.  However, you may find a few bits of string or thread useful, and a small snack ( a biscuit or mini egg each).  It can be done completely without.  


You can follow or download from here; 


Adults' Version



Family Version



We will walk the route together on 14th April at 4.30pm, with our brothers and sisters from the South Northampton Partnership of Churches.  Anyone is welcome and you do not need to tell anyone you are coming.