New Hymns!

For those who were at church on Sunday 21st, you'll know we had a go at a new hymn - and we didn't make a very good job of it!  

We would like to expand the number of hymns we sing though, so we would like you to listen to the hymn being sung, and to have a go yourself.  (The wine of the kingdom) 

You can hear someone singing it here with the words coming up on the side as well 

If you think you've got it -then you can try to just the piano accompaniment here 


Rev Anne has said we will sing this again soon; once we've got the hang of it! 


and have another listen to this as well- one we tried to learn earlier.  Once again, Rev Anne has said we'll sing this again soon, so have a try with this too!  


All are welcome; we want to make all welcome this is a hymn to celebrate it!  If you'd like to learn it try this YouTube site where it is sung, with the words, to learn in yourself in time for next time.