Have you 'Met us' yet?

Meet us at St Benedict's    


If you haven't looked at the website lately, or indeed in the last month, you will find more and more in our relatively new feature 'meet us at St Benedict's'.  You can find it in the right hand menu or linked here 


We now have seven groups; bellringers, home alone lunch, home group, flower arrangers, cafe, licensed lay ministers, and Junior Church.   We are aiming to add to it and you may have ideas about something that should be here; please do approach Liz Hodges.  


 So if you are a member of St Benedict's or a group at St Benedict's, please consider whether you can provide the information for a feature.  Look at the one currently there - each one should include 'why we come' and 'why  you  might come/join/become'.  But otherwise, - whatever is appropriate -short interviews, photographs, a meeting agenda for PCC,  for example, a sermon for Katrina? 


Please talk to Liz Hodges if you have an idea, would like some help or advice, or have a set of things ready to go!