Meet us - Cafe

St Benedict's Cafe is held once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month at 11 am.  We clear the tables on one side of church and set up there after the service and coffee.  We serve tea, coffee, sandwiches, cakes and so on and it is free -  although donations are welcome.  This is a service for the church and the community.  



Who are we? 

We are a wide range of people, from different  parts of the parish.  Some who come are members of the congregation but others just come to cafe.  

Cafe is run by Elizabeth, Alan Brenda and Geoff, with a team of supporting volunteers  and cake makers, mostly from Mother's Union.  

The work starts the week before as they plan and start to make cakes!  The day before they get the church ready with tables and chairs out and then on the day, it's all busy, with food to put out, and then serving, tidying up and eventually, putting all the furniture away.   



What we serve











Egg Mayonnaise,
Tuna  & Cucumber,    
Chicken & Coleslaw    
Ham & Coleslaw,
Cheese & Pickle







Selectionof Home Made Cakes; 


Sponge cakes

Fruit Cakes

Cup cakes  - and more! 







Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream


Tea, Coffee, and Squash


Why do people come? 

I come because 

It is a very friendly atmosphere and the people are kind, friendly and will always talk.


Lovely and friendly; great sandwiches and cakes. I would rather eat here than at some restaurants.


I love the way the community come together to eat lunch. It is always friendly always welcoming ...just lovely.


It is an occasion to look forward to each month, meeting up with friends.


It is a nice sociable lunch time with the opportunity to meet with church persons and non church persons.


We enjoy the company and meet new friends. We are made to feel so very welcome......and the sandwiches are delightful!


Why I come to Cafe




Why might  YOU come? 


Cafe is a good time to drop in for a chat , it's very informal, you don't need to be a 'church person'.


The food's great! 


It's a friendly atmosphere and there's time to talk - and to be listened to 


Because, primarily, YOU ARE WELCOME.