Meet us - Church Wardens

 This page dates to our churchwardens 2015.  

Please see who current church wardens are on this page.  This page introduces the work of churchwardens rather than simply directing to who they are.  

We are the church wardens at St Benedict's, Keith and Pradeep.  Another Keith (Dunkley) is a deputy.  


What is a church warden and how do you get to be one? 

Church wardens are members of the congregation who volunteer to serve the church by taking on responsibilities for a variety of things.  Mostly, these are hard work, though we also get to accompany the bishop, holding the church wardens' staffs if he comes to the church!  


 Keith has been a church warden here for 2 years and Pradeep for 3


As church wardens we are largely responsible for many day to day aspects of the way the church runs; especially buildings and facilities.  We sort out all kinds of things; such as heating, paying the bills, making sure the roof is sound, making sure the grounds are maintained, and sorting out who has keys and who needs them !




In church on Sundays we make sure that everything runs smoothly, especially at the moment without a priest. This means we welcome and support any visiting clergy, check the people who are going to the readings and prayers are there, make sure everything is ready, and record the sermon.  


We will also be asked about all kinds of things from booking the church to finance and putting people in touch with each other.  We are also responsible for the parish registers, keeping a record of services, and how many people attend and so on. We work with the diocese to sort out the annual and five year inspections of the premises.   It's a responsible job.  


What we do 

Here's some of the things Keith has been involved in during his time in church and as churchwarden 


My job as churchwarden



 In a recent week Keith had to sort out the heating - when the main boiler broke down!  He had to find out what was going wrong and then try to source parts for our rather old boiler - parts which are no longer made.  Then he had to sort out the finances for this - and start the process of thinking about a longer term solutions.  Finally, he contacted as many people in church as he could to tell them that it might be cold for a couple of Sundays while we waited for a part! 


Why do we do it? 

 It's a responsible role within the church but someone needs to do it to make sure everything runs smootly.

Being a church warden 

Church wardens are elected so they are members of the church and they serve for three years.  At St Benedict's we try to give everyone a break by having a deputy church warden who after being a deputy will take over as church warden.  If you are interested and a member of the church, we will be interested to!  Discuss it with one of the present church wardens or PCC  and it can be raised at our church meeting in April.