Meet us- PCC

This page was put up in 2016 and please note members of the PCC change each year; for the current list see 'Who's Who'



Our PCC is  elected at the Parish AGM by all those on the Church  Electoral Roll. There are 12 volunteer members of the PCC and they agree to serve for three years.


Who are we? 


The PCC are; Rev Anne  (chair),   Keith Hellewell  Keith Dunkley (Churchwardens)  Anne England (Treasurer) 

Pradeep Anthony, Marion Angus,  Elizabeth Beck Joanne Street,, Bill Christie, Phil Laraman, Catherine Galvin, Jennie Peasland, Paula Swain, Pat Hellewell. 



Richard Warr and Norman Critchlow are  members because they are  also elected as our representatives on Deanery Synod. 


Each elected member is elected for three years, and we elect three new ones each year at our meeting - on a rotating basis, so the whole PCC does not change at once. 

What do we do?  

PCC is the most important body in our church in relation to daily and longer term decisions about a variety of things.  Also they also discuss a range of relevant issues related to our worship, our outreach, our finances, our congregation, the church building, and much more.  


As representatives of the congregation, the PCC meets six times a year and talks through all the issues relating to the church.   



From time to time committees are formed (there is always a standing committe) for example, worship committee to discuss aspects of our church worship.  These sometimes include people who are not on PCC.  We also link with the wider Anglican community, with a member who is part of Deanery Synod, our link to the deanery and hence the diocese of Peterborough.  



PCC is work for everyone involved, but it's really important work, making decisions that shape and direct the church.  





Why we serve on PCC 

 I am the treasurer; I am on PCC to make sure we get important things like the money right! 


A group of us discussing and sorting things out can help us to make the best decisions for the church 


It's important to have people who have been in this church a long time as well as those who bring new ideas.



Why I am on PCC



Being on PCC 

You have to be elected to be on PCC and we elect new members in our meeting in April.  However, if you are interested in serving on the church, there are lots of ways of doing this, including being on committees for example.  Please see anyone currently on PCC who can tell you what things you can help with.