Meet us- Licensed Lay Ministers

Meet us - Licensed Lay Ministers 




We are David and Lesley - two licensed Lay Ministers who work at St Benedict's.  We are both called 'Lay Pastoral Ministers' - that is, while we are not ordained we have particular roles in caring for the congregation and the parish, with the formal permission of the bishop. 





What does it mean? 

We have been specially trained - 2 years of study (part time) - looking at theology and theology in practice.  

Lesley identifies her training as ;

1st year - group sessions of trainee lay ministers - and we looked at the creed, worship and spirituality.  It deepened my faith and helped me understand the importance of belonging to a group and caring for each other.

2nd year - putting theology for pastoral ministers into practice-  learning about the Church of England, and about baptisms, marriages, funerals, bereavement.  I learned more about caring for others and being more like Jesus in the way I think and act.   

We were members of the congregation and involved in various things before we went forward for training.  


Both David and Lesley have been members of the congregation for more than 15 years.  David has been a minister for more than 15 years and Lesley for five.   


 What we do 

Lesley and David's week 

This is just one example of a week - they probably wouldn't actually do all these things in one week!  It shows the range of involvements. 











 Supporting 30 minute church - especially the baptism families 

Supporting baptism service and  as sidesperson  


Supporting the Sunday morning Eucharist (especially preparing the intercessions) 


Lead evening prayer - including preaching


 Visiting people in homes and care homes in the parish  

 Pastoral care with phone calls for parishioners.  Taking a parishioner to a medical appointment.   


 Initial visit to family requesting baptism  

 Doing my regular job!  In the evening, acting as a Spiritual Advisor to someone seeking a way forward in their faith  


 Co-ordinating the service at King Richard Court 

 Visiting a bereaved family for help and support  

ThursdayPreparing for  and leading the Pilgrim Course  (see here for more information about this) 

 Preparing for evensong 


Preparing the intercessions list for Sunday worship and emailing out 


Visiting parishioners who are in need  


Attending baptism preparation course  

 At work all day  


 Looking after my family

 Lead morning prayers  


As well as this we both have roles which are part of what we do all the time; 

  • Keeping up to date with prayer lists for the church
  • Praying for the congregation and the parish - especially those in special need 
  • Leading groups - the Pastoral Prayer group and the Pilgrim course group in particular 
  • Visiting people in hospital 
  • Leading and preparing for worship and prayer - morning prayer, our Time to pray services, Taize services and more.  
  • Come to the regular parish worship and social events - we are members of St Benedict's congregation. 


Why do we do it? 

We both have to fit it round our lives- work, family and so on.  We both manage to do other things - doing what we can and learning to say no! The nature of the work is it can be flexible -and of course we are volunteers.  


Lesley says; 

I do it because it's a great privilege and I love it! 

I came forward because I was asked to - several times and I felt that maybe this was something God was calling me to, even at my age!  I needed other people to affirm this for me.  I wanted to give something back to the church that had brought me to faith.   

For me, I know that I have said 'yes' to God's call and am actively trying to extend his kingdom by putting love into action.  It's such a great privilege to stand beside people at significant times in their lives.  It is great to be able to lead sessions for groups so that I can learn alongside them, but I can also help others to grow spiritually.  


Why I am a Licensed Lay Minister



Why might you think about training for Licensed Lay Ministry? 

How does Licensed Lay Ministry help the church? 

It spreads the workload -this is a huge parish!  By caring for the family of the church, it helps us to build up the body of Christ.  By acting as a first contact, for others in the parish, it helps us to grow. We also support church growth by being welcoming -looking out for newcomers for example.  Could you be being called? 



If you have been coming to church for some time and are thinking about how you might move forward in serving the church, contributing your skills, and also learning more about faith, Licensed Lay Ministry might be something you would consider. 

A good starting place is talking to David or Lesley - and looking at this page from Peterborough Diocese