Meet us; flower arrangers


Our flower arrangers keep our church looking beautiful all year round with beautiful reminders of God's grace in creation and human skills in creativity.  They have flowers in church every Sunday (except in Lent and Advent )  special arrangements for Easter, Christmas and more.  They also arrange flowers for weddings, christenings and other special services by arrangement. 


Who are we? 






We are a small group - Chris, Nessie and Brenda  - and between us we ensure there are flowers in church every Sunday.  We usually take a month each although we also swop with each other! 




 What do we do? 

For Easter,  Christmas, and for example, weddings, we often arrange flowers all together.  We have a range of ways of making the church very beautiful, including displays round the altar, on the altar, round the font, round candles, and more.  At some seasons of the year we have a special arrangement of lilies to remember people who have died (e.g All Souls Day in November). 


We buy the flowers, usually, but we welcome contributions from gardens. We often pay for them ourselves but we can claim them back from church finances. Not being able to pay for flowers is NOT a reason not to join in!

Donations throughout the year and contributions for wedding flowers help us to finance church flowers all year round. Sometimes we have a special memorial for a loved one (ask one of the team) 



Some pictures of our arrangements 




 Easter 2015












A selection of pictures of flower arrangements for different occasions including some from our flower festivals 

Easter 2015 



And you can find still more pictures here! 

 There are so many lovely pictures they overflowed.  Anyone with any more - send them on. 



Why we come


Nessie says; 

I have been doing the church flowers since I moved here in 1984, and later I was joined by Brenda and later still by Chris.  In my thirty years we have had two flower festivals -one of them 'Celebrations' for the 21st birthday of the church in 2003.  This included 23 displays from our own church members and local organisations.  


I love being in church doing the flowers - it is so peaceful and a lot of private thinking (or is it perhaps a form of prayer) can be done - it has always been a privilege for me to be involved.  


I feel that doing the flowers is both my gift to St Benedict's and my pleasure.  Flowers have always been a feature of St Benedict's.  

Chris says  


Why I arrange flowers in church




Why YOU  might come


  • We'd love to share this with more people.   
  •  It’s lovely to see how much better the church looks with flowers in
  • You can try out your creative skills
  • Other people really appreciate it – and sometimes say so. 
  •  The flowers enhance the look and feel of the church - and it's a way of thanking God for his gifts from which we derive such pleasure. 
  • People in church enjoy being reminded of God's wonderful world and also find that the flowers help them focus  their prayers.  


If you are interested in joining the flower arrangers, please speak to Brenda, Nessie or Chris.  You do not have to be an expert - no-one can 'make a mess' with God's beautiful creations.