Meet us -Bellringers


Meet us - Bellringers! 

Our bellringers meet regularly on Monday evenings for practice and on Sunday mornings to ring for service. We are unusual in that our Sunday morning band is almost all church members.  


But who are they and why do they meet? What brings them to our tower?  



Who are we? 


There are ringers aged from 15 to in their 70s  some of whom have been ringing for years and others who have been ringing only for months.  


Some are part of our congregation but others come to the tower for our ringing practice and don't regularly come to services.  



Watch and listen to some ringing! 


Ringing Rounds



Why do we come? 

Lesley says;

I come for the celebration; the celebration of God's service, of calling people to service 


Geoff says;

I started ringing in '87  There were quite a few people who were extremely patient with me.  There's a wide fraternity of ringers who generally, 95% of the time, if you turn up at any tower, they will make you welcome which is great 


Bill says  


Why Bill Rings



Meet the Ringing Master 

"Coming to midnight service, and hearing the  bells first rung was what brought me back to church.  I started ringing and then started coming back to services again.   "


Why Anne Rings


Why might you come? 

  • It's - good fun!  
  • It keeps you moving; practicing hand eye co-ordination (good for you!) 
  • It keeps you mind active; - it's more maths than music and you have to think  
  • It's something new and interesting and there's lots of links with other people and new ideas 
  • Once you are a ringer, you are welcome to many practices and churches and events all over the country!

Learning to ring


If you are over 11 you are welcome to join us!  We regularly teach new ringers, some young but some older too.  David learnt to ring at over 70.  


Contact the tower captain - see this page