Meet us - Ten O Clock Sunday

Why didn't we do 10 am service before? 
Because 10 am service  isn't  the whole of St Benedict's, but it is an important part of our regular worship.  We meet (almost) every Sunday morning at 10 am.  Bells ring beforehand to welcome us in 


Who are we? 










Our main worship service each week is at 10 o Clock on Sunday morning. Our congregation are young and old, and in between.  Junior church meets during the service (except on the 2nd Sunday of the month).  This worship service is at the heart of our church.  







What do we do? 

We come together for the Eucharist service.  This is the key service of the Anglican church, and it's usually called a 'celebration'.  We celebrate the fact that we can come together in peace to worship and pray. 


At the heart of we present bread and wine and the priest offers these to God and prays over them in the same way that Jesus did at his last supper.  The priest prays 'This is my body' and 'This is my blood'.  We then share in eating the bread and wine, which is a way of committing ourselves to God and receiving his blessing.





                                We sing 

Our worship always includes singing hymns and songs 





                         We pray 

We ask God for forgiveness for all we've done wrong.


One of the congregation usually leads us while we pray for the world, the church, and the community 





               We listen to the bible

We listen to three readings from the bible, including a gospel. You can find our readings here; 





  We hear someone preach 

Someone speaks to us about the readings we have heard, applying them to live 



We share the peace 

We shake hands to symbolise forgiving each other and coming together 




      We bring up our offerings 

We offer from our money, but also bread and wine to be blessed 




        We come for a blessing

People who have not yet been confirmed, including our children, are blessed by the priest 





      or for the bread and wine

We share in the blessed bread and wine, committing ourselves anew to God 



After the service we have tea and coffee and a chat! 


Why do we come? 

Probably for as many reasons as there are people!  Here are some from one Sunday morning 


  • Because it's something I want to do 
  • It's spiritual food 
  • I like the sermon (usually) 
  • To meet everybody 
  • It's a family service 
  • I like to praise the Lord and I like the sense of community 
  • The fellowship, the welcome
  • For a good sing 
  • To renew my faith every Sunday, and make good the things that have not gone so well 
  • To take part in communion 


Why I come to the 10 am service


Why I come to 10 o clock service

Why might  you come? 

Come to find out what our church is like.  This is the main place we meet and worship. 


Come if you want to join our worship, in a traditional, but easy going style 


Come if you want to find out more about what the church means today 


Come to sing, listen to the bible and a sermon, and pray together 


You don't need to tell anyone, you can just come, a few minutes before 10am, on almost any Sunday of the year.  You can sit anywhere you like, and we hope someone will introduce themselves to you. If not, please introduce yourself to the service leader or to the people next to you!  You are very welcome.