Meet us- Prayer Breakfast

Who are we? 











Prayer breakfast is a group of about 12 people, with about 8 coming on each occasion.  

It is a shared event between all the churches of the South Northampton Partnership of Churches, so people come from all the churches. 


What do we do? 

Those who come to prayer breakfast meet about six times a year on a Saturday morning, and as it is a shared event, it takes place in each of the partnership churches in time.  St Benedict's hosts it about twice a year. 


Different people from the churches lead it - in different styles, often according to the traditions or styles of their own churches.  It can take a variety of forms; sometimes more, and sometimes less formal.  It can be led by a slide show to help a focus on important issues, or it can be a liturgy for matins.  


The most recent event, at Towcester Road Methodist church was led by Gwen from that church.  She led a meditation about love and then we thought about people we wanted to pray for. 



After the prayer; there is breakfast!  Equally important


Breakfast again depends on who is leading it - cereal, toast, fruit, tea and coffee... or other  things.  At the most recent event, Irish Brack bread was a great hit- the whole loaf got eaten. 

Over breakfast, the talk between people from the different churches leads to greater understanding between us (although that doesn't mean it's all serious chat...)


Then of course there is washing up.....


Why do we come? 

It's  Saturday morning and early - so it is a bit of effort. 

People gave a wide range of answers to why they come.  Gwen said she had to come because she was leading it! 

Some people said they come for the breakfast (and, frankly, it would be worth it!) or that they really like having breakfast together.  


However, more seriously, people come for fellowship together with other members of our partnership.  It's good to get to know the needs of others. It's a lovely way to start the day. 

It is a discipline however- you do have to get up!  It might be that you don't really want to, but it's getting up for God, giving God some time. 



Why I come to Prayer Breakfast




Why might you come? 

It's only an hour, and as said above, it's getting up and giving some time to God.  


It's a great way to meet some people from the other churches in the partnership, and experience some different ways of prayer. 


Breakfast is lovely! and then you have the  whole day 


What better way could there be to begin the day by sharing with others in the goodness of God 


If you would like to come, look out for the dates and the locations in the Weekly newsletter, in the Calendar, or in the News Extra.  You don't need to tell anybody, just come.  Breakfast is laid on and there is plenty.  



Did the web editor really go? 

YES; for those who know me, there seems to be some doubt that I was actually there at 8 am on a Saturday, since I am not a very morning person  - someone nearly fell off their chair. Someone else said  they came just because they wanted to see if I really turned up!  But I did; and it was great.  - Photographic evidence;