Meet us- Home Group


Home group meet in someone's home !  We meet fortnightly at 7.45 in the evening, on a Tuesday.  


Who are we? 


We are a wide ranging group with young and old, people who have come to faith more recently and those who have had faith for a long time.  There's about 8 of us, but we welcome anyone !


 We chose to come to home group because we like the informality, the opportunities it provides and the friendship. 





What do we do? 



  We start with a chat and a cuppa - for about 15 minutes or so.  We get ourselves ready to talk about the bible.  


We start with a prayer to help us understand what we are going to read better, and for anything that is going on in the world or for ourselves. 


Then we have a bible study


We have studied lots of different things, different people in the group suggest things and we decide together what we will look at.  


Recently we've been looking at the book of Revelaton, because it was something none of us really felt we'd tackled before, and that it was very thought provoking -even daunting! 


We read a passage and everyone contributes.  Maybe someone takes a lead a particular evening, helping us to link the passage to our own experience, for example.  



At the end of the evening, we join hands and say the Grace together;

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us all, now and evermore. Amen .  

We stop about 9.15 but sometimes it goes on longer because no-one wants to stop talking!  





Why do we come? 


Why I come to Home Group




Ken said; 

It has changed me, because I used to read the bible but I wasn't always sure what it was really saying.  But getting together, in the group, I understand things now which  I didn't before.  Someone in the group contributes something and you think, oh yes, I see that now, or oh yes, that's what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure. 


Why might YOU come? 

Come to

  • learn more about what the Bible says, in an informal, friendly atmosphere

  •  learn about the Bible; not just on your own, but in a group 


  • share in companionship, but also input and learning 



Come if; meeting fortnightly is about right for you 



Just speak to anyone in church who comes about joining the group, or to one of the Churchwardens.  We welcome new members!  You can find us on the church calendar on the website or in the weekly news, if you want to know when we are meeting.