Meet us - Home alone Lunch


 Once a month, on the third Sunday a group of us go out to lunch together. 



Who are we? 



We call ourselves 'Home alone lunch' because our group is especially for people who would otherwise be eating lunch alone.  Instead we go out to a local restaurant and have lunch together! We are a range of ages and some people make a point of coming to church on the Sundays we do have home alone lunch.  



What do we do? 



 We go out to lunch.  We go to a local restaurant and have a meal - many have a roast lunch, which they probably wouldn't bother to do for themselves.  There is vegetarian food as well and lots of other choices.  Some people have pudding and others look enviously.... but don't have room.





We talk.  We talk about trains (Bill) stone circles (Liz) Rovers return cafe (Marion), cats (Julia) bell ringing (Geoff), gardens (Barbara) and much more - and more people.  We have a laugh.  We enjoy not eating a meal by ourselves.  




We say grace in the restaurant before we start.  We didn't used to do this, but they know we are a church group and we decided we'd like to do this publically, so we take turns to say a short grace.  It sometimes confuses the waiting staff!  


Why do we come? 

Mostly because we'd otherwise be on our own.  We enjoy eating out but we like the company.   We can give each other lifts so everyone, even the less mobile, can get there.  It's not that expensive and it's good to talk.  


Why I come to home alone lunch



Why might you come? 

Come if you are usually on your own on a Sunday, or are on your own on a particular Sunday, you don't need to be invited.  Come because you want to have a chat.  Come because it's good food.  Come because you don't have to wash up.  . 


Why be on your own when you can have Sunday lunch with others? 


After church on the third Sunday in the month, just ask one of the people who usually goes or ask anyone in church to point us out and we can fill you in on where we are going, and give you a lift if you need one