Meet us - Bible Study Group

Bible study group meets every week on a Tuesday in someone's home, from 7.30-9.30  


Who are we? 




We are a small group of merry Christians; about five of us, Barbara, Catherine, Bill, Eileen, Geoff and Joy.








What do we do? 

We have been meeting for about 9 years and we share God's word and discuss the meaning between the lines.

 As ordinary people, we study the bible to enhance our spiritual lives. 


We believe the best way to get to know someone is over a cup of tea or coffee and a cake.  We catch up with our lives and what we have been doing in between meeting on Sundays in church.  What we say in Bible study group about ourselves stays between ourselves; we are very aware of confidentiality.



What do we 'study' in the 'bible' ?


We decide as a group what to study, for example, using themes from the church year, such as Pentecost or Easter, or if we have a church theme, such as Conversation a couple of years ago.  Ideas from individuals are also great - we followed some studies in Isaiah because someone suggested it.The study is led by Catherine, primarily, but we all decide together what we will do and we all take a part, somoene leads the opening prayer, someone else leads the questions and answers at the end of the study.  Where someone has a particular passion, they may lead the group
The last thing we studied was a 'home made study' from a vicar in Hardingstone.  It was called the 'Scarlet Thread' and followed those women who were connected to Jesus through David's line - such as Ruth and Mary.   It was a very inspiring study for all of us, men and women, showing us how we all have an important role to play in God's kingdom on earthWe often use materials such as 'Cover to Cover' or 'Life guide' which are set studies.  We have also used Tom Wright as guidance, and we've found the 'Everyone' serious very popular.  However, we are not afraid just to pick up our bibles and choose a person or book to study!




Why do we come? 


Our newest member, Eileen, says;

"I enjoy our Bible Study sessions because the readings provide great insights into our faith, and I enjoy the support and fellowship"


Why I come to Bible study group

Why I come to bible study group

Why might you come? 

We welcome new members- come if you would like to learn more about the bible in an informal setting in which you can ask questions


Come if there is something in particular you would like to study -and suggest it!


Come to make time for God once a week and put some time aside.


We like making new friends; if you would like to know more, you can ring Catherine on 705228.