Meet us- Mothers' Union

Mothers' Union meets once a fortnight.  





This is our Banner in church, always just behind the altar. It was dedicated in 1986.  


And this is our branch leader,   Nessie 



Who are we? 

Mothers' Union at St Benedict's began in 1984, shortly after the church was built, so we have been going for more than thirty years. Usually we have more than a dozen members at each meeting, though our membership is wider than this, and they may be different ones each time! 



Four times a year we have a communion service.  The branch chaplain, Mandy Cuthbertson used to be our curate.  She came to celebrate our last service with us.  




Talking to each other is important and we usually have a cup of tea and a chat in our meetings.  




We are also part of the world wide Mothers' Union and this includes meeting with other branches in the area.  In fact we started and continue to host an annual branch lunch for all the branches in the area- people like to come for our food!  




What do we do? 

We meet about once a fortnight, usually in church, for about two hours.  Our meetings usually start with a short prayer service. 


We get involved in a variety of activities, sometimes listening to talks, sometimes activities.  We have knitted teddies for children under stress and blankets for the elderly, for instance. Sometimes we go out for an event or activtity.   Four times a year we have a communion service as the main part of our meeting.  We have a number of fund raising events, such as our summer lunch and autumn fayre in the branch, which  support the world wide Mothers' Union and projects.  Amongst these are buying cows and chickens to support women in developing countries set up businesses and or sending sewing machines to African countries.  


We support practical projects like writing Christmas Cards for prisoners and the provision of flowers for Mothering Sunday in our own church.  We also co-ordinate the Samaritan's purse Christmas ShoeBox appeal for children in need, and most members will donate a box.  


Most times we have a tea/coffee break and an opportunity to share things with each other, in an informal chat.   

You can find our current programme here 


Why we come 


Carolyn recently joined MU and here she is at her joining ceremony


 Members said this about why they come; 


I support the worldwide purpose and that's really important to me 


I come for the coffee and the fellowship 


To meet with a great group of people, it's great to meet once a fortnight 



  Why YOU might  come

Come if you want join a group to learn some new things.


Come to support our good causes 


Come to meet some people, some in our church, and more in others 


Come because you want to learn about all the work the Mother's Union does in the UK and the world.  


Do come!  Give Nessie a ring on (01604) 767395 to find out and to arrange to come.