Meet us- Katrina

(April 2015) 


Who is she?  

Katrina Hutchins worshipped at St Benedict's for twenty years.  She is included here because she is, as far as we know (and we are relatively new church so we are probably right!) the only member of our congregation to have gone forward for an ordination with a view to becoming a full-time vicar. 

Katrina was church treasurer for years and then, after leaving her career in banking, our church administrator. 


What does she do? 

From September 2013 until June 2015  Katrina was training for the ministry of deacon, and then priest at Ripon College, Cuddesdon. 



At Cuddesdon, Katrina was part of the community training to be priests, worshipping, studying and praying together.  Each day starts with morning prayer in the beautiful chapel at 7.30, and continues through the day to evening prayer at 5.45 and compline at 9.30.   
 Once in five weeks her group was responsible for leading the worship - and leading a service in front of a congregation which might include bishops, tutors, ordained priests, as well as more than 60 students is even more stressful than most parish services!  
As well as all this, Katrina was involved in studying - developing, through a range of different subjects, an understanding of the way in which the whole picture of ministry builds up.  This  included an assignment a week from January- April!  She has also been on placement in different places and different kinds of ministries throughout.  



Placement involved a lot of things! 

 Being part of a worshipping community at Cuddesdon How has St Benedict's helped with this?  Obviously the last priest here, Jonathan, was very important in helping to encourage, challenge and guide her as she made this decision.  She had the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of things, leading Thirty Minute church and Evening Prayer, contributing to confirmation classes and shadowing the funeral ministry, helping with Feeding and Fellowship and Home group. 
And the church?  The important thing, Katrina said, is the combination of a supportive 'sending priest' and 'sending church' - as we learnt from her and she learnt about herself and in our prayers since then. 



Graduate group 2015 Cuddeson 


Katrina was ordained deacon in Peterborough Cathedral on 28th June 2015.  She then moved to the parish of Kingsthorpe where she is an assistant curate.  You can find pictures of Katrina's ordination on 28th June here   

She was ordained a priest on 25th June 2016.  You can find more about this here.  


So, strictly, we can't  any longer  say 'meet her at St Benedict's (although we haven't seen much of her over the last three years, what with her ministry placements and so on) but we are proud to know that she is still  one of us -  having moved forward in her Christian life to the calling of ordained ministry.  We still hold her in our prayers - and she's still in Northampton so we hope to see her at events!  



Why did she do it? 

How I was led to ordained ministry



What you can do if you think you may have a calling to ministry; 

If you think that you may have a calling to ministry, either as a licensed lay minister or as an ordained minister, it is usually best to speak to the parish priest.  We don't have one at the moment!  The next place to go might be to the Archdeacon (Rev.  Richard Ormston) to talk to an experienced priest about what you might do.  You can also look up the Diocesan web pages about calling to ministry here