Meet Us; Thirty Minute Church


Who are we?

Thirty Minute church is one of our regular services, held once a month on a Sunday at 11.30.  It lasts for... 30 minutes! 


St Benedict's congregation at Thirty Minute church like at our other services, is wide and has great variety! There are older people and younger people, but with perhaps a greater proportion of children than at some of our other services.   Some are people who come to our other services, and some choose to come primarily to Thirty Minute church. 


It is also the service to which we invite families who have recently been baptised to be welcomed into our fellowship.  

Each month (usually) we sing our 'welcome' song; listen here and see some pictures of us being 'sheep' and following the leader - sometimes with our eyes shut!  .  


Thirty Minute Church -The Lord's my Shepherd

What do we do? 


Thirty Minute church is a service of worship like all our services, but this one has an emphasis on involving families and children.  It includes activities, lively songs (often with instruments), often acting out Bible stories, and prayers.  


This service we thought a lot about the Lord, our shepherd (Psalm 23) - so we invited a lot of sheep and thought about what might be good for them.  


We decided that they needed water, grass and a shepherd, but didn't need chocolate, Cbeebies and sunglasses. We remembered that God gives us all we need (but not necessarily all we want) if we trust in him.  

Sometimes we make things, sometimes we draw, sometimes we split into groups and think about things or discuss them.  All of our service is intended to include younger members, so we incorporate lots of movement and things to do.  




 We pray together every service, including saying the Lord's prayer with signs.  



We sing together every service 

We read from, or act stories from the bible 












 After the service; we chat, drink coffee and squash, and of course, have biscuits.

Do not underestimate the importance of biscuits! 



 Why do we come? 

As contributed by members of the congregation; as spelt! 




Why might you come? 

Come to Thirty Minute Church if you would like an informal service with lots of activities for younger members.  


Come to join a lively and vibrant service in which noise and movement are usual.  


Come if you would like to come back to church after a break but don't want something as formal as our 10 am service. 


Come to praise God and worship him . 


Thirty Minute Church is held monthly on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 11.30 am.  Just turn up; no need to tell anyone.