Meet us - Communication team

Who are we? 

We are not really like some of the other groups here as we don't meet regularly as a team, in fact, we more often communicate by email, though of course we do see each other in Church! 


We are not a really a single 'group' and other people have important roles in getting out information; including through church notices, printing, recording sermons, the monthly prayer sheet, the church pillar posters  and more.  Thanks to all of them as well; Carolyn, Pradeep, Catherine, Des and Jenny and others.


 This though is the team responsible for the regular weekly and monthly news and information;  


Weekly news  (see here)
News Extra (our parish magazine) (see here)



Technical support for the website              
makes it work! 



Website Editor (you are seeing here!)  



What do we do? 

We work in front of our computers, usually, and get things made available to the whole church.  Through this we try to support what's going on and to make sure that everyone knows what's happening and has access to a wide range of news.  


We want to ensure that times and dates are co-ordinated (weekly news sheet, website calendar) and that people find out what's going on (weekly news sheet, website news) and that people are inspired to think (website features, News extra). 


Between us; we produce 


The weekly news sheet.

 This is available each week in church  and emailed out to everyone on the church list during the week.  It includes a thought for the week, dates and information about upcoming events, and the week's readings from the bible.  It's there every week, up to date, and keeps us all in touch.  Richard is responsible for this. 

The News Extra.  

This is a parish magazine, which includes things written by parish members, information from the diocese, from other Christian organisations, and an area for children, with our say a prayer with Benedict bear.  It comes out once a month.  Sarah is responsible for this.  

The website.  

The website has information about many things going on in church, with reports on things that have happened, things that will happen and ongoing projects (such as the porch project).  It also maintains the church diary, with all the events that will happen in any given period. It's regularly updated with news and information. Liz is the web editor and Keith is the technical support- for when it goes wrong or we try something new! 



Why do we do it? 

We use our skills to help to make the church run smoothly 


We want communication to be easy, and to provide interesting content - for instance Keith recently researched how to get video to work on the website.  


We want the whole church to work together, to be informed so that they can join in with what's happening and not feel left out of what's going on.   


  • (Liz)  I'm a bit of a geek and I like to get the website looking good and up to date.  I hate websites that tell you about 'upcoming news' that is two years old! 
  • (Sarah) I do it to help keep everyone informed and encourage communication.  
    It also helps keep my brain a little active whilst I take a break from work to look after my children.
  • (Richard)  I like to feel that the more ways we communicate with parishioners and the community we live in the more likely it is that individuals will understand what we are doing and be able to participate as fully as they wish in the life of St Benedict's church family 



 We can't do it without everyone telling us what to put in it, so please give us your information! 


Can you help? 

Do you have time and a computer - we could probably use you!  Please contact us and offer.