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Meet us


There are lots of different things going on at St Benedict's with all kinds of people involved; young, older, men and women, those who come to our services and those who don't.  Our activities are not all services and worship (though that's important).  


This page is designed  to introduce you to the wide variety of different groups we have and will highlight the current group we focus on, and list some others you might like to look at. Click on any of the underlined names of activities/groups to find out what's going on.   


These pages were prepared in 2015-6 (mostly) and introduce you in general to our church - some details of activities, and some people completing particular roles may have changed.  This is a 'snapshot' of our church at the time this was done, and will be renewed at some future date but not yet.  For details of current activities, people and so on, please see other aspects of the website. 



Meet us; 

Our Vicar; Rev Anne 


Church Wardens 




 Communication Team 




Mother's Union


10 o Clock Service


 Bible Study Group 


Thirty Minute Church


 Prayer Breakfast




Flower arrangers    


Home Alone Lunch   


Licensed Lay Ministers  


 Home Group  


 St Benedict's Cafe 


  Junior Church  








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