Easter 2018

Easter is the church's most important festival, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, the overcoming of death and the triumph of God.  It is important to celebrate it with joy! 

Easter lasts for forty days.   During Easter we remember the resurrection in all our services, we light our Easter candle and we sing 'Hallelujah'.  What can you do to keep this festival at home? 

St John Chrysostom reminds us that Easter is for everyone; (slightly adapted) 

All who love God, enjoy this fair and radiant triumphal feast. Those who serve wisely, enter  rejoicing into the joy of his Lord. For those who fasted or gave things up, now receive their reward.  If you have kept Lent from the first, now receive your reward.  If you came later; at the third, or sixth hour, keep it with thanksgiving.  If you came even at the last, you should come, not fearing, because the Lord  shows mercy to the last, and cares for the first.  Enter you all into the joy of your Lord;  rich and poor together, hold high festival. Careful and you heedless, honor the day. Rejoice today, whether you fasted or not.   The table is full-laden; feast  sumptuously.  

Here are some ideas for activities for adults as well as children 


Join the Stations of the Resurrection Walk - round the church.  You can do this at any time, with any group, or by yourself.  Find more about it here 




Make something new and interesting to eat - there's a whole set of things to make with children (or adults) here    


However, I still love the 'Empty tomb donuts' and the Resurrection rolls 


Here are some colouring sheets for children Simple easter eggs; complex easter eggs; Christ on throne;  Empty tomb; Easter


Here are some more activities for children - of all kinds Craft activities 


Things for adults to do;


Visit someone in hospital or at home; take as many egg shaped things as you can find (soap, grapes, candles - see how many things you can find! 


An Easter tree - it doesn't need to be commercial (in fact it's nicer if not).  Pick a branch that is coming into blossom or leaf if you can, and let it flower in water.  Hang ribbons on it in red, yellow and orange to remember the sun, or small pictures -or of course, some Easter eggs. 


Find an Easter hymn you like and sing a verse every morning when you wake up - I suggest 'Thine be the glory' or 'Christ the Lord is risen today!'


Whatever you do, celebrate this season with joy.