Monthly Cafe

Please note that for the Cafe in March - (1st March) we will be having a different menu.  This is because it is

Ash Wednesday - an important day in the Christian calendar when we remember what we have done wrong - and repent, turn round from the bad to the good.  Many people will give things up and so we will not have the usual cakes and biscuits or even sandwiches,  but soup, roll, fruit - along with tea and coffee.  This is to remind us that this is a different  day and we need to think more simply and be less taken up with the things of the world.  Not that cakes, sandwiches and so on are bad; just that it reminds us that not everyone has the opportunity to do this - and that we can think more about our place in the world.  


We will return to usual in April. 













(Usually 1st Wednesday of each month) 

11am to 2pm


On the first Wednesday of each month, St. Benedict's Cafe will be open in church offering a warm welcome and free refreshments for all.


Please come and join us in church for a coffee and a chat, a relaxing sit-down and a sandwich.


Books, toys and colouring material are available for young children.


All are welcome.  Do pop in!













Our menu includes free:


Coffee & Tea

Fruit Squash




Meet us; here !