South Northampton Partnership of Churches

This page is for the South Northampton Partnership of Churches but is hosted on St Benedict's Website

The South Northampton Partnership of Churches has three formal members and co-operates with other churches.

The partner churches are; 


St Benedict's (Anglican) (use menu on the left) 


 Abbey Centre Baptist Church 


Towcester Road Methodist Church 


 Sts Francis and St Therese (Catholic) 


What we are doing jointly in the next few months 





June 12th   7.30pm  SNPC meeting Abbey Centre Baptist Church


June 18th Shared Worship   Abbey Centre Baptist Church 



June 28th 7.30pm   Interchurch Quiz,  St Benedict's Church 




July 9th  6pm  Shared Evening Worship for St Benedict's Day St Benedict's Church 


July 18th  7.30 pm How then shall we live?  Post election conversation Abbey Centre Baptist Church 





 August 3rd  7.30 am  Prayer Breakfast St Benedict's Church 




 How then shall we live?  A post election conversation 


After the election, what should our response, as Christians, be?  How should we consider the challenges and issues facing us as we live in Britain today?  How should we frame our thinking? 

What should the church say in this situation?  

While it will raise more questions than answers, we will consider these questions, amongst others, with brothers and sisters from the South Northampton Partnership of Churches.  We will meet on 18th July in the Abbey Centre Baptist Church - anyone from any Christian background (or indeed with no Christian background) is welcome to join to think through this in the light of faith. 

Please see and put up the poster attached here (and reproduced below) 




















What we do together

  • The partnership churches worship, pray and have fun together! 
  • Each year we worship together in each of the partnership churches in place of our usual morning services. 
  • We also celebrate our patronal festivals or church anniversaries together by sharing evening worship. 
  • Our ministers sometimes preach in each other's churches.  
  • Six times a year we share a prayer breakfast on a Saturday morning; (see more about one here on St Benedict's website)
  • We join together to share publicity for Christmas events and to collect money for Christian Aid 
  • We support each other's events.  We have a very competitive and great fun inter-church quiz!  The current winners are; Towcester Road Methodist Church ... but we look forward to next year. 


What is the Partnership?

The partnership is a formal Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP) between the Anglican, Methodist and Baptist members, formed by signing our covenant.  The partnership's activities are discussed at SNPC committee which meets three times a year, with members elected or co-opted by each of the involved churches, and usually attended by our ministers.  We have undertaken to share in worship and prayer together.