Our Confirmation Service 2018

This morning Nigel was confirmed; he took his decision to affirm his faith in Jesus and his commitment to God, in His church through confirmation. 





Nigel stands befor the bishop as the bishop asks if we, the church, will support and share with him in the journey of faith 




In this he received the anointing of oil to demonstrate, as a physical sign, that he is held and marked by God, and the laying on of hands, as a physical sign that God has given Nigel his Holy Spirit. 

While it's not really expected that Nigel will feel a different person (though people do feel powerfully sometimes that God has blessed them a new and special way) this is a new step on his Christian journey, a stepping stone on his path. 






Nigel, with Anne our Vicar, and the Bishop after his confirmation 



And Nigel is now part of the Eucharistic community, that is, he shares with us in the bread and wine.  This bread and wine, broken and poured at the altar is God's blessing to us as it shows us so clearly God's taking part in the world, in all its physicality, brokeness and richness.  

We welcome Nigel with open arms and hearts- a man already part of our church, who joins us in the road. 






Thanks to the flower arrangers who gave us lovely displays for this special day





 Listen here to how Nigel talks about his journey to confirmation 


Why I decided to be confirmed (Nigel)